Private Training

We offer private training for field players who want personal instruction on proper technique and form. These sessions are great for players who want to focus on specific areas of improvement. The one­-on­-one setup allows players to benefit from immediate correction, multiple repetitions, and limited distraction. Our personable trainers make this an experience that players of all levels will enjoy. Flexible scheduling makes this an unbeatable package.

We also offer private training for goalkeepers that want to work on specific aspects of their game. Our trainers stress proper technique, appropriate footwork, and will sharpen the abilities brought to the table. These sessions are perfect for goalkeepers who want to get maximum reps and a good workout.

Private Training for Field Players and Goalkeepers Pricing

1 session = $80 (January promo = $68)

5 sessions = $375 per session (January promo = $318.75)

10 sessions = $650 per session (January promo = $552.50)

20 sessions = $1,200 per session (January promo = $1,020)

*all Private sessions are 1 hour

*all Private sessions are 1 hour

NEW! 30 Minute Private Training Packages!

1 session = $45 (January promo = $38.10)

5 sessions = $210  (January promo = $178.50)

10 sessions = $400 (January promo = $340)

20 sessions = $700 (January promo = $595)

All PHASE, Goalkeeper, Private, and PHASE/Private Combo Training packages must completed in 1 year.