PHASE 2 Developmental: U11/U12

During PHASE 2 training, players will start to develop their previously learned skills through repetition, an increase in difficulty, and a more aggressive level of competition. Players will be challenged by a higher-paced training environment, a broader range of skills and movements, and exercises that require a combination of techniques.

PHASE 2 Training Pricing

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5 sessions = $175 per package

10 sessions = $300 per package

20 sessions = $500 per package

40 sessions = $800 per package

*all PHASE sessions are 1 hour

2019 Tryout Prep UNLIMITED PHASE Training

This program is designed for committed players looking to significantly improve their skill.

Ages: PHASE programs are designed for players who are ages 7-18.
When: PHASE sessions offered both weekdays and weekends
Session Duration: Each training session is 1 hour long.
Program Duration: The promotion will start March 4 and will go through May 5.
Staff: 360 Soccer’s professional staff includes USSF “A” licensed coaches, current and former professional players, as well as the region’s top youth, high school, and collegiate coaches.

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