PHASE Training Program

Our PHASE Training program is composed of structured sessions that introduce, develop, sharpen, and perfect the technical aspects of the game. Our athletes climb the tiers of each PHASE level by demonstrating a mastery of foot skills, shooting/passing techniques, offensive/defensive strategies, and combination plays from the previous levels.

PHASE levels are determined by age and ability and each session is 1hr. long.

Each session is led by our professionally trained staff that hold top licenses in NSCAA and USSF.

Join us today to take your game to the next level with our outstanding PHASE sessions!

5 sessions = $175 per package
(August Promotion 15% discount = ONLY $148.75)

10 sessions = $300 per package
(August Promotion 15% discount = ONLY $255)

20 sessions = $500 per package
(August Promotion 15% discount = ONLY $425)

40 sessions = $800 per package
(August Promotion 15% discount = ONLY $680)

Introducing this season a new addition to the PHASE family:


For those players U7/U8, you too can get the training that our other PHASES get!

Unlimited Summer PHASE Promotion

Promotion Training Dates: June 10 – August 18, 2019


Change your game and greatly improve your Technical Skills with our UNLIMITED PHASE Training Summer PROMOTION

Players are grouped by age and ability for all PHASE sessions
Each PHASE level will offer sessions for all age groups up to 7 x per week
6:1 player to coach ratio to ensure all players are receiving proper attention while still having the opportunity to improve their technique training against their peers.
Flexible scheduling through your very user friendly 360 Soccer account
Players do not have to commit to the same days each week
Train as much as you want with our professional staff all summer long
Classes offered mornings, evenings, weekdays, and weekends for all PHASE levels
All PHASE Training sessions are 60 minutes
Once you purchase your Unlimited PHASE Training Package please allow 48 hours to start scheduling

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