Goalkeeper Academy

205 of 5822015-05-03-360 Soccer Photo ShootOur Goalkeeper Academy features 3 separate levels based on age and experience level. They are Developmental (U9-U11), Advanced (U12-U14), and Elite (U15+).

Developmental – Players will learn the fundamentals for footwork, hand-positioning, and distribution.

Advanced – Players will sharpen the skills learned previously in the Developmental class with the addition of advanced techniques for diving, closing space, retreating, and increasing reaction speed.

Elite – Players will continue to develop the skills learned in previous levels, but with a higher level of intensity. These sessions will challenge keepers mentally with quick decision-making drills, as well as physically through a series of top level footwork, agility, and explosive movement drills.

5 sessions = $175 per package

10 sessions = $300 per package

20 sessions = $500 per package

*all Goalkeeper sessions are 1 hour