360 KIDzFUN Zone

Address: 50 Senn Drive, Chester Springs, PA 19425

Cost:$6 per child/2 more children attending together the cost is $5 per player

moonbounceOur 360 KIDzFUN Zone program exposes children between the ages of 2 and 7 to a variety of movement patterns, including jumping and exercises that promote spatial awareness in our interactive playground-like environment. Our indoor playground features an inflatable bounce house, a mini trampoline, cars, a basketball hoop, soccer balls and goals, a slide, ladders, and hurdles; just to name a few of our popular toys.

Balance is essential to agility, especially in developing children. Spatial orientation is developed through jumping in our bounce house, for example, or playing with a hula-hoop. The ability to react to visual, auditory, and tactile learning cues is an important aspect of agility. Chasing games such as “Tag” enhance this ability.

Our 360 KIDzFUN Zone playground enhances athleticism and assists children in making new friends and participating in their favorite and new activities. Participation, especially in exercise, promotes an appreciation for health and a sense of self-worth and interaction in a teamwork setting. It is our pleasure at 360 Sports to offer this program and opportunity for young children to learn and grow in a fun, interactive environment!